Don't Let Dangerous Trees Threaten Your Property

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While trees offer valuable shade, privacy and curb appeal, they can also become huge safety risks and block the views on your property. If you have a tree you need to get rid of ASAP, Tops Down Tree Service offers prompt and professional tree removal services in Melbourne, West Melbourne, and Palm Bay, FL.

We'll take care of oak, palm and pine trees of any shape and size. Call us today, (321)-514-8269, to receive a price estimate on your 24/7 tree removal services.

What are the common signsyou need oak tree removal?

What are the common signs
you need oak tree removal?

With massive root structures and limb spans, ancient oak trees can dominate a landscape and create plenty of shade. But aging trees can also seriously threaten your property. Contact us right away for oak tree removal if you notice:

  • Unseasonably yellow or falling leaves
  • Decaying bark
  • Powdery mildew
  • Rotting roots

A weakened tree could start to lean and lose its support at any moment. Reach out to us for oak tree removal today.